Our First Goal is to locate and secure a site for the statue.
* The site should be in a place where it is very visible to both our citizens and visitors. Probably on Main Street.
* Should it be on public land: In front of Town Hall? In front of the library?
* Should it be on private land? In front of Du Bois’s church? In front of another private establishment?

Second Goal is to find and engage a major sculptor to design and execute the statue.
We have already begun this search and will report on it as it progresses.

And our
Third Goal is to raise the necessary funds for the making and raising of the statue.

    The DuBois Statue Citizens Initiative is proud to be working with the Multicultural Bridge on this project. Among other things, Multicultural Bridge will serve as our fiscal agent. A bank account has been established specifically for tax-deductible contributions to the DuBois Statue Citizens Initiative.